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T&W Attended CPhI Worldwide 2017 During Oct.24-26 Source: SiteAnthor:T&W2017-12-26

         This year, T&W has cooperated closely with CPhI for several times, of which CPhI Worldwide Europe received the greatest response and positive feedback.

         From October 24 to 26, 2017, CPhI Worldwide Europe was held in Frankfurt, Germany. During this exhibition, T&W showed the core products and the latest research outcome.What’s more, we communicated with regular and new customers actively to show the concept and style of T&W to the world.

        Nowadays, CPhI Worldwide Europe has become a market leader in the global pharmaceuticals raw materials industry. The worldwide pharmaceutical raw material industries actively participate in and have spoken highly of it. In this year, it has attracted more than 150 countries and more than 2500 exhibitors around the world.

        Compared to the past, Chinese have started their dominance over the market, which means that more and more domestic enterprises have been able to take their places in the world. When the international markets are focusing their attention  on China, we are also being judged and evaluated. Despite great pressure, we are determined to fully demonstrate the great quality of the products  "made in China" to the world and add our brilliant touch to the history of medicine!        

Looking forward to the 2018 CPhI and getting together with you!