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601, No. 1, 2277 Nong, Zu Chongzhi Road, Zhangjiang Hightech. Park, Pudong, Shanghai, China.
Tel: (86-21) 61551611, 61551413, 61551420, 61551610, 61999440
Fax: (86-21) 50676805 

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 T&W Group | Trust We | T&W Pharmaceutical

Shanghai T&W Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 

-Main Business:
 Chemical process development and manufacturing 
      1. Chiral compounds
      2. Unsaturated hydrocarbons

      3. Highly integrated custom manufacturing service

Bettersyn Co., Ltd.

  -Main Business:
 International client business service and support

Shanghai T&W Trading Co., Ltd. 

  -Main Business:
 Sourcing and representation of APIs, intermediates and fine chemicals. Fine chemical or Pharmaceutical related high
                                   technology promotion. 
      1.  Leading expert on sourcing China chemicals: Good understanding to China supply market, close relationship with hundreds of local
           pharmaceutical/chemical plants and all our sourcers with solid chemical background ensures your best commercial conditions from
           quality to price.
      2.  One-stop, integrated sourcing service from demand analysis, supplier selection, on-site inspection, contract management, quality
           control to logistics, registration etc., make your efficiency raised and risk mitigated.
      3.  Tailormade payment terms from net 30 to 240 days.
      4.  Free Sample Policy: Free Sample, except for the too highly priced product, if asked for, is couriered simultaneously.